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Utilizing Peer to Peer groups to deliver change and confidence in CEO’s decisions.

What is a Peer To Peer Group?

A group of growth-minded CEOs who come together once a month to work through current obstacles within their organizations.

CEOs are the leaders of the business, giving guidance to others. But who is the CEO supposed to gain advice from when they have obstacles in their way?

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How do CEOs gain results from our Groups?

CEO Solutions allows CEOs to collaborate with other like-minded individuals. Each CEO brings a problem that they are currently facing to the meeting. The group discusses the problem, allowing other individuals to share their insight in the discussion.

What outcomes do members walk away with from each meeting?

Clarity of Thoughts
Confidence in Decision Making
Ability to Scale
Ability To Grow Profitability
Ensuring Companies Future

What Our CEO Members Have To Say

"As a CEO of a company, I didn't have anyone to report to, so I was looking for external sources of accountability to help me drive myself and drive my company to grow."
Wes Henry
Northstar Safety Inc.
"It's been a great way to network with other business owners and solve problems."
Marc Rue
"I have been a member of a CEO Solutions board of directors' group for nearly two years. I now have a laser focus on establishing and achieving our goals, hiring the right people, and setting a plan for future growth. In addition to the monthly meetings, the individual sessions with my coach, where we discuss any questions or issues, are invaluable. We've grown significantly over the prior year. Stepping back and working on the business, with the help of CEO Solutions, has been one of the primary tools to our success."
Paula Norbom
"The value in CEO Solutions for me is the opportunity to engage with other executives working through the same issues and concerns that I have regarding our business. I have found their insight to be incredibly valuable in helping me make better decisions without the need for trial and error. This peer group provides knowledge and understanding that is otherwise impossible to find."
James Ramey