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CEO Solutions: A Success Story

5 years ago, shortly after graduating from North Dakota State University, Jake Joraanstad and Ryan Raguse started working with CEO Solutions. Together, the two founded Myriad Mobile, a company that specializes in mobile and web technology solutions. They came looking for leadership training and advice; they’ve been part of the CEO family ever since. Through our strategic view, CEO Roundtable, and coaching, Jake and Ryan learned valuable tools that have aided them in their own success. We’re proud of our members and want to share their success story!

Located in Fargo, North Dakota, Myriad Mobile have become leaders and experts in their field. They take ideas and bring them to life through strategy and consulting; they work on things from web and mobile development projects to project management strategies. Myriad Mobile’s business strategies mimic what we value at CEO Solutions; their success is a direct result of hard work and fresh perspectives.

Recently, Myriad Mobile launched a farm relationship management tool called Bushel. Bushel has raised $7 million in funding from agricultural investors and software moguls. The Bushel mobile app platform has brought the agriculture industry it’s first tech product that simplifies the grain industry’s relationship between elevators and their growers.

The app gives farmers information at their fingertips. Having access to the information while in the field helps farmers make decisions on-the-spot. When you’re trying to decide which side of the field to harvest or trying to avoid shipping wet crops, being able to record and manage that information when the decision has been made will save time and improve efficiency.


Jake and Ryan took what they learned with CEO Solutions and applied it to real-world situations. Their approach to business merges integrity with decision-making to create a company that brings innovative ideas to life. CEO Solutions takes pride in the strategies we help our members develop and our members tell us they learn valuable lessons about what to do, and, sometimes more importantly, what not to do through their membership with CEO.


Congratulations to our friends, Jake and Ryan at Myriad Mobile, on their success! CEO Solutions is celebrating with you and we’re excited to see what new and brilliant ideas you breathe life into next!

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