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Motivating a Diverse Team

There is no one-size-fits-all leadership style. Each of your team members is going to be unique in his or her own way—young and old, different areas of expertise, different work styles, different personalities. Finding a way to motivate every unique personality on your team might not be easy, but it will lead to higher output.


Before you go about developing a plan for motivation, decide if you need to motivate a few members of the team or the entire team. If attitudes are low for most of the team, you’ll need to work on motivating them as a whole. If it’s just a few employees that are struggling, then it’s time to figure out a way to motivate a select few. Start your plan by talking to team members. Find out what is leading to their lack of teamwork and production. Get to know them; find out what drives them. Don’t single out their unique characteristics. For instance, don’t say anything like, “I notice that you don’t fit in very well because you’re much younger than the other staff members and you’re new to the team.” Talk about a plan of action that includes what will help them be a more productive member of a cohesive team.  


It’s important to embrace and reward the unique qualities of your team members. Don’t single anyone out for being different. Embrace their strengths, not their weaknesses. Some team members will be quiet, others will be loud and outgoing. It’s important that everyone knows their opinion and work is valued equally. Bring together these unique personalities and foster collaboration through team bonding events. Fun company events, like a trip to a baseball game or a picnic can improve attitudes and help staff members bond over their shared interests. Be sure that everyone has the chance to voice their opinion on what sorts of group activities they would enjoy. A fun office environment goes a long way toward increasing motivation, relieving stress, and boosting morale and productivity.


Remember, understanding your employees and their work style will go a long way in making you a stronger leader.


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